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5-Axis Milling Machine

OCG has increased its capacity with the latest state-of-the-art technology; a 5-axis milling machine capable of making spur, helical, internal, double helical, straight and skewed tooth bevel and spiral bevel gearing. This new, unique machine gives OCG further flexibility and establishes us as a leading edge company in the area of 5-axis machining for gear manufacturing. The HF-2012 5-axis machine has a maximum part capacity of 4 meters in diameter and 1.2 meters face width. The machine also has a hole in the table allowing the ability to make pinions integral with long shafts. 

Although the machine was originally purchased with the main intent to rough machine spiral and skew tooth bevel gearing, it is also capable of hard finishing gearing up to AGMA class 12/13. The addition of this machine increases OCG’s overall capacity of bevel gearing by allowing the Gleason and Klingelnberg machines to operate only on the finish cutting process while utilizing the 5-axis machine to be the “workhorse”. 

Due to the highly flexible nature of a 5-axis machine and the latest developments in machine tool programming, the machine is capable of developing virtually any tooth form, including double helical gearing that has traditionally been cut on Maag machines. The milling process allows quicker cycle times and only requires a single set-up to finish both sides of gear teeth. 

Overton Chicago Gear, an employee owned company, has been supplying high-quality gearing for more than 100 years. The company specializes in custom gears for the marine, off-shore, locomotive, mining, wind energy, transportation and construction industries, as well as OEMs across various markets. Located in Addison, Illinois, Overton Chicago Gear is an ISO 9001:2000 registered gear supplier. Its full-service offerings include manufacture, inspection, heat treat, hard finishing, and tooth grinding of spur, helical, internal, and bevel gears. 

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