About Us

About Us

With more than 100 years of experience, Overton Chicago Gear has the ability to produce spur, helical, and bevel gears that will conform to your every specification and deliver the performance your application requires. We also apply this dedication to the quality of our service. When you choose Overton Chicago Gear, you get a reliable supplier that not only offers competitive pricing, but also on-time delivery of quality products.

Custom Gearing, Backed by Personal Service
Although we've kept pace with the latest technological advances, we have not forgotten the personal service and individual attention essential to meeting our customers' expectations. Dedicated employee-owners and loyal suppliers utilizing superior information technologies and integrated systems have allowed Overton Chicago Gear to streamline production scheduling and provide gearing to the most demanding quality standards with the industry's shortest lead times.  

Company History
Overton Chicago Gear is a full service manufacturer of gears and enclosed gear drives with a rich tradition. 

Overton Chicago Gear has been designing and producing gear boxes since 1888 and was one of the founding members of the American Gear Manufacturing Association (AGMA). The current company of OCG comprises itself of; Overton Gear, Chicago Gear, D.O. James, Illinois Gear, Balfre Gear, Franke Gear and Ignition Engineering. The product capabilities of Overton Chicago Gear range from a gear one inch in diameter up to a gear of 160 inch in diameter, and enclosed gear box assemblies weighing over forty thousand pounds. 

In our second century of service to industry, Overton Chicago Gear continues to be a leader in quality, innovation and service. Our strength is our technical support. Our Engineers have designed drive systems for all major industries, including steel, metal working, chemical, paper, cement, rubber, mining and material handling. No matter how special the application is, Overton Chicago Gear with over 100 years of know-how coupled with modern computer technology assures quality product solutions. 


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