American Gear Association (AGMA)
Overton Chicago Gear is a founding and active member of the American Gear Manufactures Association. AGMA represents member gear companies throughout the world in areas ranging from technology transfers to government lobbying functions. Equally important, AGMA creates the quality standards that guide its members to produce the highest quality products. AGMA also sponsors frequent meetings over the course of the year to help educate members in areas related to economic forecasts, technical ratings and marketing meetings. AGMA is a critical tool used by the management of U.S. based gear companies to keep up to date with industry information and industry standards. Overton Chicago Gear takes an active role in the support and development of this industry organization.

Overton Chicago Gear has formed a strategic alliance with Klingelnberg of Germany. This trade and technology transfer is related to Klingelnberg hard cut spiral bevel gears. The companies together represent a majority of the world’s capacity of this type of gearing. This partnership and this product-line are highly specialized and unique and is a foundation product for OCG.

Franke Gear
A number of years ago OCG acquired Franke Gear. This company has provided us a valuable product line that specializes in double enveloping worm gears, racks, rack and pinion sets and gearing produced for the U.S. Defense Industry. This gearing as a rule is close tolerance gearing used for products such as the Blackhawk Helicopter, the U.S. Standard Missile System and many other applications.

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