Overton Chicago Gear offers precision custom spur & helical gear cutting and grinding and bevel gear cutting and hard finishing. We're always looking for new ways to meet our customers' gearing needs.  

Our eighteen state-of-the-art Gear Tooth Grinders provide the versatility to perform both generative and form grinding, including CBN Grinding. Over 100 machine tools – most NC or CNC controlled – allow us to control turning, milling, drilling, broaching, hobbing, shaping, and grinding for improved efficiency.

All of our gears are manufactured to customers' predetermined specifications. Let our sales and engineering personnel assist you in transferring your design from blueprints to cost-effective manufacturing.

Our Newest Capabilities

Klingelnberg Spiral Bevels
Overton Chicago Gear offers Klingelnberg Spiral Bevels as a "hard-cut" or as a "lapped" gear set up to 85" in diameter. The highly engineered Klingelnberg Spiral Bevels are the easiest gears to install with the longest life expectancy offered in today's industry.

Klingelnberg Gears to the equivalent of AGMA quality 13 Surface hardness of 58-63 Rockwell C or higher Exceptionally smooth and quiet operation Up to 30% increased load carrying capacity Capable of pitchline velocities in excess of 20,000 ft./min. True Spiral tooth geometry up to 85" diameter.

Gleason Bevels up to 100" DIA
  • Full capabilities for cutting, hardening, and testing
  • Conventional Gleason, straight, and skewed tooth bevels
  • Hypoid, Zero®, and Coniflex® gear designs
  • Gleason Gears to AGMA quality 10
Carburizing Furnace Systems
Two new state of the art vertical pit furnaces.
  • Employ the latest U.S. and European technologies
  • Accept work pieces up to 80" in diameter and 100" long
  • Have four controlled heating zones to ensure consistent and uniform results
  • Continuously monitor the entire carburizing process
  • Can display the actual carburizing profile via carbon content in real-time
  • Have rapid cooling systems that cool both the retort and workload
84" Quench Press
Our new 84" diameter Quench Press is possibly the largest in the world.
  • Custom designed and manufactured
  • Hydraulic cylinder applies pressure to clamp the gear flat while the expander ram applies hydraulic pressure to hold the gear concentric
  • Minimizes distortion during the hardening process
  • Gives hardened gears more uniform stock removal during post heat machining
P250, PNC 150, P100 and P65
  • The newest additions to our gear lab
  • Enhance our capabilities in checking to standards
  • Capable of handling work pieces up to 6 tons
  • P250 INCL. GMM for Geometric Tolerancing
Hofler 1250
  • Profile-form gear grinding machine
  • Internal grinding capability
  • 1250 mm DIA x 1250mm Face
Samputensili S-2000
  • CNC controlled gear cutting machine
  • 2200mm diameter and 2000mm between centers
  • With Internal Head
Gleason P1200/1600 Gear Shaping
  • Largest shaping capacity in North America
  • 1600mm Diameter and 700mm Face
  • Hydraulic Head for Highest Capacity and Quality
5-Axis Gear Cutting
  • Extremely Flexible Technology
  • (3) Machines up to 4000mm Diameter
  • No Tooling Costs

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