Gearbox Design

Gearbox Design

Gear Box Design

Overton Chicago Gear has specialized in the design and manufacture of gear drives for over 100 years. We offer a complete line of both standard gearboxes and special design gearboxes. Overton Chicago Gear also offers a complete rebuild and upgrade service, which will bring your gearboxes back to original OEM specifications.
Custom or Special Designed Gearboxes

Special design gearboxes to meet the needs of the heavy industrial gearbox marketplace can be designed and manufactured in accordance with your specifications. Overton Chicago Gear has produced basic dual output shaft units to some of the largest and most complicated designs ever made. In fact, over 300,000 units of all types and virtually every application serves as our respected resume.

For some examples of our custom or special designed gearboxes please click here.

Helical gear teeth are cut on high quality, alloy steel material and carburized, hardened and precision ground. The resulting gears and pinions provide high durability ratings with decreased stress and dynamic loads resulting in longer life.


Output shafts are made of heat treated, maximum strength alloy steel, through hardened prior to turning and grinding. Close toleranced bearings shoulders facilitate the mountings of bearings. Highly polished surfaces are provided for oil seals to assure their long life. Large diameters are specified throughout for maximum strength and overhung load capacity.

Husky roller bearings provide maximum longevity. Output shafts have high capacity roller bearings for heavy overhung and thrust loads.

Dual lip type oil seals are standard. Grease purged and labyrinth seals are available options.

Rugged fabricated steel housings constructed to exacting specifications are standard. Special configurations and castings are also available.


Continuous splash lubrication including troughs and feeds and drains to bearings is used on most ratios and speeds. Forced lubrication utilizing oil pumps, filters, heat exchangers, sight gauges and alarm systems is available. Lubrication systems are designed for floor mounting. Other mounting positions are permissible with the concurrence of our Engineering Department.

Based on 100% load and 100% speed the approximate efficiency of parallel shaft units is 98% for double reduction, 97.5% for triple reduction, and 96.5% for quadruple reduction. For right angle units approximate efficiencies are 97.5% for double reduction, 97% for triple reduction, and 96% for quadruple reduction. Actual operating efficiencies may deviate slightly.

Popular optional equipment and modifications are available with H-Line reducers to meet the exact specifications of your installation. For some examples of modifications incorporated into our standard design units please click here.

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