Industries Served

Our Addison facility specializes in wind turbine gearing. We are one of the few companies in the United States that has machining and heat treat capability to service this growing industry. It is an industry that requires high quality and tight tolerances and we are known throughout this industry as a company that can meet these requirements. We expect this industry to grow exponentially in the coming years and we expect to be a major part of it. We are already looking for ways to grow within this industry.
O.E.M. Gearing
Overton Chicago Gear services every major industry with gearing and gear boxes. Examples include oil & natural gas, mining, wind power, steel and steel processing, marine, defense and locomotive industries. We are a full service gear company supplying gears and gear boxes wherever torque is needed to be multiplied. We supply products to meet customer needs.
Oil and Gas
This is a major part of the products we make in our Chicago plant. This includes herringbone gearing for mud pumps, fracturing pumps and gearing for off-shore rigs. Virtually anywhere oil or gas is drilled or processed gearing is needed, and we have the ability and experience to make that gearing. We have been making this type of gearing for many years and expect this industry to be a steady part of the work we do.
Minerals & Mining
We manufacture large, coarse pitch gearing for a number of major mining companies. These gears are used in pulverizers, mining conveyors and various other mining machines. This is an industry that is very demanding on gearing, so we have to produce a product that is made to specification and very durable to handle the harsh conditions and extreme shock loads that this industry requires. Our bevel gearing is one of the products that this industry requires. We produce spiral bevel gears, skewed bevel gears and straight bevel gears, both through hardened and case hardened and hard cut. We have bevel gear capacity that is virtually unrivaled by any company world wide, and mining is one of the industries that this product serves the most. We also supply large spur gears, large helical gears and large gearboxes to the mining industry. Mining is a very critical part of the work we do.
OCG has the largest bevel manufacturing department in the Americas. We manufacture high quality (DIN 5, AGMA 13) Klingelnberg spiral bevel gearsets for azimuth, tunnel and underwater-mounted thrusters in accordance with ABS, DNV or any other maritime consulting firm. We operate the largest quench press in the world which allows us to provide case hardened gearing up to 2 meters in diameter for this demanding application.
Steel and Steel Processing
Many of the gearboxes we manufacture are for the steel industry for making steel and steel processing. We have built gearboxes for mill drives, coilers, bridal drives, shear drives and various other applications for the steel making and processing industry. The D.O. James gear box line that is part of our company dating back to 1888 was one of the largest manufacturers of gear boxes in the world. Today we manufacture gear boxes in our Chicago facility, but we also have over 20 years of experience dealing with overseas companies. Our partners overseas produce many types of standard and special design gear boxes. A major part of our business is building and rebuilding gear boxes to service the steel industry.
The Overton Gear name has its history in the locomotive marketplace and today we continue to service that market. Overton Chicago Gear has been manufacturing locomotive parts for O.E.M.s for over fifty three years specializing in engine and traction gearing.
We have a line of gearing which has been known as our Franke Gear line, which provides gearing to the defense industry among others. We provide gears for items such as the Standard Missile System, Blackhawk Helicopter, Apache Helicopter and a number of other key elements of the defense industry. We also produce double enveloping worm gears, which is a very unique product. We are one of the few gear companies that can make this type of gearing. We also produce cut and ground tooth racks for the defense and many other industries. This is a very important part of our product offerings.

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