Product Lines

Open Gearing
Overton Chicago Gear is full service gear manufacturer. We manufacture large and small diameter, coarse and fine pitch gears up to AGMA quality 14 higher. Herringbone, spurs, helical, internal, splines and worm gearing. We also have a wide variety of custom tooling.

Bevel, Skewed Bevel and Spiral Bevel Gearing
Overton Chicago Gear is a major manufacturer of bevel gearing, including spiral bevel gears, spiral bevel hard cut gears, skewed bevel gears, and straight bevel gears. We make bevel gearing up to 100” diameter, and we can produce hard cut spiral bevel gears up to AGMA quality 13. We are one of the leading and largest manufacturers of this type of gearing in the world, and we serve a number of major industries with this type of gearing, including the mining industry, the marine industry, and many others.

Wind Turbine Gearing
Overton Chicago Gear manufactures wind turbine gearing for some of the top manufacturers of wind turbine gearboxes. A key to this industry is our ability to heat treat the gearing in our state-of-the-art heat-treat facility. We expect this to be an ongoing, major growth area for our company. This is an industry that requires the highest standards, and the closest tolerances. Our customers know that we have the ability, capacity, and capabilities to meet these requirements.

Gearbox Boxes
We have made some of the largest, most complex design gearboxes ever made. We also make standard gearboxes, right angle and parallel shaft per customer specification. We like to say the bigger the gearbox, the more complex the design, the better. We can meet virtually any type of gearbox requirements. This is a major part of our business.

Gearbox Rebuilds and Spare Parts
Overton Chicago Gear can rebuild gearboxes that we’ve manufactured as well as competitors gearboxes. We can also upgrade these boxes. We can do everything from retrofitting of boxes with new bearings and seals, up to completely replacing all rotating elements and providing a like-new box. Of course, we provide spare parts for all of the boxes that we have produced in the past.

Ignition Engineering
OCG also produces product once made under the Ignition Engineering label. This product is for the automotive aftermarket and includes large quantities of highly specialized gearing.

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