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The precision you demand — geared to your specifications.

State-of-the-art equipment for more accurate, reliable gears.
One-of-a-kind manufacturing capabilities offer more gearing options.
Engineering expertise to improve or develop more complex gearing.
Cutting-edge quality assurance tools deliver dependable, precision products.
Precision machining and heat treatment services for non-gearing applications.





Our reputation for accurate, reliable and long-lasting products goes back to 1888. For more than 130 years we have delivered high performance, mission critical gearing and gearboxes for demanding applications. Our gearing converts power to motion in moveable bridges, gantry cranes, fracturing pumps, earth movers, locomotives, helicopters, wind turbines, metal processors, precision medical devices and ships at sea.

We build to print, reverse engineer a single gear or deliver complete gearboxes to exacting specifications. We rebuild and upgrade gearboxes from any manufacturer. We deliver gears from a few inches to fifteen feet in diameter. Massive gearing or small intricate parts, we turn, mill, drill, broach, hob, shape, grind, finish and inspect to unparalleled quality standards.

Overton Chicago Gear is ISO9001 registered. Coordinate Measuring Machine systems and tight process control procedures assure premium quality and on-time delivery. We offer a wide array of computer-controlled machining, heat treatment and engineering services. Our modern gear metrology laboratory is capable of measuring to AGMA 2000, AGMA 2015, ISO 1328, and DIN 3960 gear accuracy tolerances. OCG has more 5-axis milling machines than any other gear manufacturer in North America. Our Hofler 2400 is the first of its type on the market and can cut gears at an AGMA 11 without gear grinding, We boast hard-to-find equipment including one of the largest press-quenches in operation in North America and some of the largest surface temper etch tanks that fully accept 60-inch diameter gears.

Overton Chicago Gear has the experience and technology to deliver.
Let our team design and build accurate, long-lasting, precision gearing shaped for your application.

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