Straight, Skewed, and Spiral Bevel Gears

Overton Chicago Gear is a major manufacturer of high precision bevel gearing, including spiral bevel gears, spiral bevel hard cut gears, skewed bevel gears, and straight bevel gears. We make bevel gearing up to 100-inch diameter on conventional machines. We produce all types to 160-inch diameter with 5-axis milling machines.

Hard Cut Spiral Bevel Gears

We produce hard cut spiral bevel gears up to AGMA quality Q11 or B6. We are one of the leading and largest manufacturers of bevel gearing in the world. We serve customers in the mining industry, marine industry and other major industries.

Klingelnberg Spiral Bevel Gears

Overton Chicago Gear offers Klingelnberg spiral bevels, hard-cut up to 85 inches in diameter. The highly engineered hard cut Klingelnberg spiral bevels are the easiest gears to install and have the longest life expectancy

Carburized Bevel Gears

Carburized bevel gears can be hard cut to highest AGMA quality levels with a surface hardness of 58-63 Rockwell C. Our bevel gears are quenched in a press quench minimizing distortion and hard cut time and providing a more consistent final case depth. Our customers see less expense, longer life and higher quality.

Gleason Straight and Skewed Bevel Gears

OCG manufactures conventional Gleason straight and skewed tooth bevel gears. These gears are manufactured up to 100-inch diameter in Hypoid, Zerol®, and Coniflex® gear designs. OCG has full capabilities for cutting, hardening, and testing Gleason bevel gears.



Large Skew and Spiral Bevel Gear Sets

OCG can mill 160-inch skews and true spiral sets to AGMA Q11 for use in applications without conventional cut gearing. We are developing a process for milling higher accuracy skew and curved tooth bevels that can operate with conventionally cut bevels already in the field. This process is already fully operational for straight bevel gears.