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Engineering Services

OCG provides specialty engineering services for customers who want a gearbox or gear design. Our designs can be clean sheet, customer specified, or reverse engineered. We also provide inspection and failure analysis services. OCG has 130 years of experience in providing these services, handed down and improved upon with the latest technology and best practices.

Machine builders are experts in what their machines do, but not necessarily in how to drive those machines. OCG excels at creating cost effective, reliable gear trains or gearboxes with life spans measured in decades for almost every industry. Our design and metallurgy team can help deliver a cost effective solution, whether that’s creating a new high performance part, gear train or modifying the existing design for longer life.

Enclosed Drives for Every Application
OCG designs application specific gears or totally enclosed drives to support our customers in almost every industry. OCG works closely with our customers on the product design to incorporate special features into our units that ensure proper function and monitoring of these drives. These special features include clutches, shifters, differentials, limited backlash and condition monitoring.

Inspection and Failure Analysis
OCG performs failure analysis services for our customers who are using units from our competitors. This analysis, coupled with our design experience, allows us to provide more efficient, longer lasting gears and drives.

Reverse Engineering for Continuity
Our reverse engineering services help customers with drives and gear that are no longer available for purchase or repair. These services also offer a longer-life solution for customers where uptime and cost are critical. We provide duplicate designs when expected life and performance meet customer needs. We provide improved designs that fit into existing systems when that provides additional benefit desired by our customers. We truly are a full-service provider that offers customers a tailor-fit solution.