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Mining Industry Solutions

We service mining market industry leaders with superior bevel gearing that is prevalent in the mining industry. The largest cone crushers used in mining metals, gemstones, and other commodities, as well as smaller aggregate crushers use our straight tooth, curved tooth spiral bevel gears and skewed bevel gears.

Our spur and helical gears are used in earth moving trucks, kilns and shovels and more. We make:

  • Geared or splined shafts to 120-inch in length
  • Gears to 160-inch diameter
  • 80-inch long gear segments that assemble into girth gears
  • Internal ring gears
  • Internally splined planet carriers for wheel drives for the leading mining equipment manufacturers.

These manufacturers and mine operators also employ us to repair or replace worn gearing and gearboxes.

We press quench to produce bevels and rings with a more consistent case after final machining than any of our competitors. Our customers get long-lasting gears because the case is better able to handle impact during operation.