Pfauter P400H hobbing machine serial number 25502, new 1978 rebuilt 2006.

Max hobbing length ~144”
Max workpiece length ~184”
Max hob dimeter 11.2”
Min/Max distance between cutter spindle and work spindle 2.44/12.44
Maximum swing 25.5”
Max worktable speed 10RPM
Hob RPM 25-150 RPM
4.5” hob shifting
± 45° hob head swivel

Retrofitted 1n 2006 with a 5 axis Fanuc 18i-MB CNC controller, handwheel, motor and drive package. 14” color CRT display.
X-Axis radial feed (hob infeed).
Z-Axis Axial feed
B-Axis Hob rpm
C-Axis work rpm
Y-Axis hob shift
A-Axis hob head swivel

Programmed cutting cycles
One, two or three cut cycles.
Axial and Radial infeed cutting cycles
Single infeed cycles
Climb and conventional cutting
Lead crowning with high point offset
Taper hobbing
Tangential cutting

Wired for 480VAC/60hz
Approximately 87” high, 310” long x 152” wide.
Approximate weight 37,600 lbs


P400H P400H-02